Direct Mail Service

Direct mail services include creative production, messaging, variable data, targeted mailing lists, and mail services. We are up-to-date with postal regulations and can meet your deadlines on time and within budget.

We also help clean up and correct your mailing lists before mailing out!

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Save time and money with PFG Printing’s Direct Mail Postcards services, from flat standard postcards to folded pieces, we have you covered: order showstopping postcards, print them in vibrant color and direct mail them all in one place! Starting at 500 units and at convenient rates for all campaigns. To order simply select your product, size, paper type and send us your list- we’ll take care of the rest for you!

No more Do-It-Yourself Mailing: we handle all your direct mailing needs with a quick and simple order that you can easily calculate online and pay with your card. No more waiting around for pricing adjustments or checks to clear – it’s all fully automated! Choose from our convenient options and decide whether to have your remainder prints shipped to you or discarded. You focus on the list, we focus on the printing and shipping!

What You Need to Know About Direct Mailing Services

Learn the differences in postage options and mailing and choose the one that better suits your needs, budget and time-frame!

Standard Mailing vs. First Class Mailing:

USPS only includes the time a package stays in transit in their estimations. According to USPS:

  • Standard Mail is processed by the USPS on a “time available” basis. There is NO guaranteed delivery time, only “typicals”. Local mail is typically delivered in about two weeks. Sometimes it’s faster… but sometimes it’s slower.
  • First Class mail is processed by the USPS on a priority basis; it goes to the front of the USPS line. Typically delivered in 1-4 days.

Mailing Services Processing Time

  • 500 – 25,000 : 2-3 business days
  • 30,000 – 60,000 : 3-5 business days
  • 65,000 – 100,000 : 5-7 business days
Choose The Best Mailing Rate (Standard or First Class)
Consider the class that best suits your budget and delivery time for your project:
Standard Mail is a little less expensive in postage, typically you can expect delivery in 10-14 days so if you have a rapidly approaching event or expiration date in your promotion NEVER choose Standard Mail.
Why? Not only does it take longer, standard mail is not forwarded and not returned if undeliverable. It merely goes into the USPS recycling bin. Otherwise, this affordable choice might be just what you need!
If you have a time sensitive project always choose First Class Mail which delivers typically within 1-4 business days and automatically includes return service for undeliverable addresses at no charge, specifically: if your party has moved, for a period of 1 year OR if it’s undeliverable, it will be returned to you, again at no charge, with the reason for non-delivery.


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