Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Postcard Mailing

EDDM is a U.S. Postal Service program developed to help businesses get their promotions and advertisements into the hands of a targeted audience, while reducing the cost of preparing and delivering mailing campaigns.

  • No need for mailing lists
  • It’s cheaper!
  • It’s easy to reach out to local communities
  • Flexible mailing options

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Growing your business just got easier with Every Door Direct Mail. You can now print your promotional postcards at PFG Printing, then sit back and relax as you save yourself plenty of time and money!

This service by USPS allows you to target local neighborhoods based on demographics like average age, income, or household size that fit your target market. It’s awesome and affordable for small businesses, local organizations, and those who simply don’t have enough time or the budget for a mailing campaign.

Here’s why you should choose EDDM printing:

    • No need for mailing lists. USPS offers a mapping tool where you can provide your target street, ZIP code, or city. After, it will provide you the available routes where you can send your postcards.
    • It’s cheaper! EDDM costs about 18¢ per piece. That’s a fraction of the cost of standard or First-Class® postage, which costs around 44¢ per piece.
    • It’s easy to reach out to local communities. For smaller businesses, EDDM allows you to promote your products and services to nearby neighborhoods that may benefit from it. It’s one of the easiest ways to attract more foot to your stores.
    • Flexible mailing options. EDDM postcard printing offers different sizes and materials to suit your purpose and budget.


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