Engage customers with a visually enticing menu!

  • A must-have for any restaurant
  • Perfect for dine-in or take out, and delivery
  • Feature guest favorites or daily specials


Food menus are a powerful marketing tool. They give customers a deeper look into your offer through mouthwatering food photography and enticing descriptions. From appetizers to decadent desserts, custom menus serve as a reflection of your brand.  

Here are some options to make culinary creations more presentable:  

  •  Dine-in Menus – Present meal lists in a hygienic way. Dine-in menus come with matte and gloss lamination that you can easily wipe and sanitize after each use.  
  • Take-out Menus – Offer meal kits, heat-and-eat dishes, and wholesale ingredients through take-out menus. With a variety of folding options, these menus allow you to present take-away options in an attractive and organized way.  
  • Pocket Menus – Allow customers to bring your menu list anywhere with pocket menus. The small size is perfect for listing an array of snack and beverage options from sandwiches to coffee selections.  
  • Placemats – Keep tables tidy as you promote your dishes. With a custom design that match your brand, placemats complete the dining experience and keep kids busy while waiting for their meals.   
  • Table Tents – Promote specials with these free-standing displays. These easy-to-assemble signs are great on dining tables and high foot traffic areas in your establishment.  

With custom menus, you can get creative in advertising your products and ongoing promotions!


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