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Table Tent Cards

Table tents are perfect promotional items for services and special events, such as in restaurants, pubs and bars. They make wonderful pop-up displays and are very accessible and visible. They are ideal for showcasing important information as well as promotions and discounts.


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Tent cards are multi-dimensional print products that can be conveniently placed on tables for promotional purposes. These tent cards have a smooth look and feel.

  • Table tents are scored and sent to you; they are not sent assembled. We create three scored lines for folding, and two die-cut slits to connect the base. Glue is not used.
  • Table tents can be used in restaurants, delis, pubs, bars, or cafés to advertise specials, drinks/cocktails, and desserts. They also make valuable informational displays in shops, libraries, hotels, trade shows, and businesses.
  • Our simple interlocking design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the table tents for storage purposes.
  • Choose one of our Glossy stocks for a beautiful shine, our 14 pt. Uncoated Cover for a textured look, or our Matte stock for a more subdued and vintage look.
  • High Gloss UV Coating makes the products more durable, so your table tents will last longer and endure stains from food and beverages. You cannot write or print on products with High Gloss UV Coating.
  • Due to the fact that we print in large volumes, different paper types may have different quantity options.


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